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6 Places To Post Your Posts. Thank Us Later.

Writing takes a lot of work – believe us, we know. Sharing your skills or offering your services or selling your product shouldn’t fall into the abyss. Of course, you want your work to be given the most optimal opportunities to be seen and engaged with. These platforms are some of the most engaged platforms in Africa and should get you the exposure that you need to get your blog to be seen by your target audience. Use your creativity to find interesting and innovative ways to showcase your blogging skills.


Here are the top platforms that Africans use in 2021 to engage blogs:

  • Facebook – 53.4%
    • Facebook is the most popular social network in the world, and at this point needs no introduction. From a content marketing perspective, Facebook gives you greater audience targeting and market research than any other website, besides Google.
  • YouTube – 28.2%
    • Video streaming will be the next big wave of online content use in Africa. There are still considerable network challenges however, the level of existing use shows that once these issues are resolved, the volume of users will be in the millions. Use this platform to expand your level of creativity – how can you blog through video? Slideshows? Use of moving infographics? Illustrations? Vlogs (video blogs)?
  • Twitter – 10.7%
    •  The social media network has changed a lot since its early days, and the way people have used it has also changed. But it remains a place about news and the most current, highest trending topics or stories. It’s great for announcements and event updates, news and pop culture stories, and blogger/writer networking.
  • Pinterest – 4.9%
    • Pinterest emphasizes visuals, just like Instagram. A majority of Pinterest is female and likes to shop online. This makes Pinterest great for DIY or cooking-related posts, as well as product-based marketing.
  • Instagram – 1.9%
    • Instagram is like the cooler, younger brother of Facebook. It may not have all the same features as Facebook, but Instagram has become really popular with celebrities and younger audiences. It’s focused on visuals that can be scrolled through on smartphones. Because of this, quotes, food, selfies, and picturesque scenes such as concerts or mountain hikes, are the most popular content.
  •  LinkedIn – 1%
    • LinkedIn is known as the professional network, so there’s a lot of businesses and start-up entrepreneurs. The advertising and corporate noise can be dizzying, so some people feel overwhelmed by posting. But if you provide value for readers, and build genuine relationships and partnerships in your LinkedIn network, it becomes a lot easier.



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