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The subtle art of adaptability

Writing should always have the main goal of establishing relationships and building trust with the reader. Some writers believe that one needs to adopt a style of writing to write effectively. Others believe that a lack of style is a style in itself. What I have found to be most effective is the adoption of the subtle art of adaptability.

Think of it this way: you have the power to create the type of imagery that you want the audience to remember and have a direct influence on how you want the audience to interact with the brand. Whoever your brand is, it is important to keep in mind. 

Here are some tips on what to remember while being adaptive in your copywriting:


  1. Write in Conversation
    • The biggest desire that brands have is to connect to the people that they are targeting. Whatever the brand is selling/promoting or providing, needs to be delivered to provide effective engagement.
  2. Be unmistakably clear
    • This is the time to write a copy that is simple, minimalistic yet effective. The base communication of any brand is to be able to effectively and efficiently communicate their messaging to their audience. Clarity is key.
  3. Break some rules.
    • Every brand has something unique about them that gives them a distinct flare. Therefore making it difficult to apply the same rules for copy to all your writing. Adapt some rules or create new ones to suit their target audience.

The main idea about writing for brands is to get that brand ahead of its competitors by setting it apart through how it sounds through writing. Copy has the power to create a long-lasting relationship with the audience through how easily it interacts with the reader.

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